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07:57pm 02/05/2007
mood: angry
why am I so angry?
marriage, it's a thing.   
04:18pm 29/09/2006
mood: excited
I went to the Raconteurs last night and it was fucking amazing. The expletive is necessary to describe how awesome this show was. I was like 10 feet away from Jack White. 10 FEET!!!!! If I like jumped on top of the people in front of me's heads I could've touched him. SQUEEE.

yes, I'm gushing.

I'm going to marry Brendan Benson and have his childrenCollapse ) By that I mean that he's my new obsession. (I'm obviously not going to marry him/let him impregnate me)

He has the most beautiful voice ever and he's so adorable. It's not that he's amazingly hot but he was very cute in person.

He and Jack were really great. The covers were amazing and the other songs were good too except for "Yellow Sun", but that was only because they didn't play it acoustic.

so basically, it kicked major ass and I'm buying Brendan Benson's solo album.

In other news, season premiere of Doctor Who tonight, I'm excitified.
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08:21pm 20/02/2006
mood: chipper
I was bored so I went looking for interedting BtVS things to put into my myspace. I stumbled across this vid of bloopers.


it's pretty amazing. But how could anything with David in drag not be?
02:21pm 20/02/2006
  I'm really happy. Captain Picard added me on myspace. SQUEEEE!

It's a little pathetic that source of my joy revolves around a fake sci-fi character being my internet friend... I need a life.
it's a randoom quiz of doom (yes, I said randoom)   
05:32pm 31/01/2006
mood: bouncy
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See woahshesadork's results.Collapse )
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the sad thing is that almost 80% of these apply to me...   
04:27pm 24/01/2006
mood: bored
You Know You're Addicted to Buffy When...Collapse )
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look what I found.   
09:12pm 04/01/2006
mood: blah

yeah, it's clear that I have way to much time on my hands.
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03:48pm 15/11/2005

thank you simply_blah for the banner.

partially, all of my dork rants are open to the public but I'd prefer to have my personal junk only viewed by people I know.